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A story of a girl and her doll

Visions of soft poetry with bold structure. A poignant rebirth of vintage style. Luxurious detailing infused with a whimsical elegance. Sophy G is all of those and more, but first she is a conversation between a young girl and her companion.

Born in the snow-capped and turreted city of Moscow, Founder Natalia retains fond memories of her childhood. An only child in a precarious country, she nonetheless found harmony in the company of her porcelain doll—Sophy. Days were spent exploring and the nights kept warm as the two whispered in confidence about the mysteries of life and their love of fashion. Nataly shared everything with her beloved Sophy, who spoke directly to her soul in a way that could not be explained in words.

As an adult, Nataly found herself trying to recreate the intimate confidence she and Sophy G had built. She flitted then found solace in fashion books studied during her Contemporary History PhD, and once again when she began dress designing. The ambience created allowed for aspirations and vulnerabilities to pour forth, giving birth to the tendrils of a poignant couture, and the beauty of the experience would have remained hidden…Where it not for life’s unusual twists of fate which turned the secret past-time into a new career. Inspired by secret worlds of a girl and her doll, Sophy G is at once uniquely niche and touchingly universal. A celebration of avant-garde yet vulnerable femininity. Each design a dialogue in silk satin, gossamer chiffon, French lace, and twinkling beaded tulle. And every dress is a staging: an imaginative and sensitive woman caught between modern musings and the elegance of a bygone era.

Designed in Dubai and hand-crafted in our ateliers, Sophy G offers one of a kind wear to the sophisticated woman with no care for society’s rules.


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