Tutti Frutti

Who said winter can’t be juicy and colorful?! Sophy G brings emoji fruits, joy, festivity, and inside-out theme to brighten your mood for any occasion.
An unconventional vibrant collection by Sophy G with the delicious name 'Tutti Frutti' is another woman manifesto, who can be spontaneous, ecstatic, romantic and different.

Sophy G recognizes women in all her expressions and offers her a 'Tutti Frutti' Chic Street Fashion Cocktail of organza, velvet, rib-knit fabrics, denim twisted in emerald, green pine and sacramento, lime and lemon, red, lemonade pink, pearl and nacre grey colors and blended with silk ribbons, dazzling sequins and crushed faux fur.

This is Sophy G's receipt for a Dubai winter! Enjoy!

An inspiration behind this collection comes from the streets of London, New York, and Moscow, where gals of big cities won't stop being stylish and cheerful when it's drizzle, snow flurry, and cloudy outside in the street.

We want her to feel the way she wants to feel!

Whether she is skating in Dubai Mall and remembering her good times ice-skating with friends on the Red Square in Kremlin; or having a Spice Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks to go and bethinking of Times Square' flashing billboards or, perhaps, checking out the City Walk's  contemporary kiosks and having nostalgia for her London's days and sitting in shops window by Storey Studio -'Tutti Frutti' is her any day mood.

With every dress of 'Tutti Frutti' collection, we show that it's easy and fun to go accessory-free and do not worry about finding a suitable ornament to decorate your ensemble. It's 'on-the-go' motif to save your time and coins and thinking only of where to go today. Play with any shoes you'd like from long over the knee and ankle tough boots to high heels shoes.

The heart of the collection is, certainly, a present-day emoji fruit print on inside out lining outerwear, yet discreet, but sociable to speak out. An emoji fruits custom print of all shapes, sizes and colors is a form of Sophy G`s visual communication to a broader audience.

As emojis on mobile screens are not labeled, so their meaning is up to those who use them, so as `Tutti Frutti` gives a freedom of understanding and using the print.

We pass emoji fruits print for everybody as our message- more comfortable way to express ourselves. Tangerine, banana, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, cherry, lemon- let your fruit emojis say what would like to say yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Trendy oversized sweatshirt fleece, faux fur with sequins pleated midi skirts and dresses, jumpers and pullover dresses, ponchos, and flawless faux fur coats. The charming details and embroidery of dresses, tunics and fur coats won't get away from the public eye.

Very feminine, extravagant and yet elegant, all that is about women in all her voices. It's 'Tutti Frutti'!
And to spoil you on the top of all that as we would give you a 'Tutti Frutti' ice cream with all the toppings you want! You can mix & match every dress of this collection in between with just two or three items to make your wardrobe ready-to-wear at any time to any place!

Celebrate being a woman! Enjoy 'Tutti Frutti' season!