A story of a girl and her doll

Unveil the story behind Sophy G

- inspired by the eternal ideals of a woman’s beauty, confidence, freedom, and tenderness -

As a little girl, I used to immerse myself for hours in playing with my toys. Small talks about girlish dresses and hairstyles, would boost my imagination and take me into a fantasy world, where my best companion and friend, was my favourite doll - Sophy.


She was my guide throughout the years and playing with her, helped me to develop a personal style and a sense of vintage elegance and beauty.

Little did I know that Sophy’s role in my life would have so much impact, becoming the inspiration for something greater than I could have ever imagined.

I loved playing with my best friend Lora dress-up, braiding and creating new outfits for Sophy. I felt connected with my true self, free and without a care in the world. The love for fashion and a style was born during my little talks with Sophy, and soon it became a significant part of my personality.

It grew more and more, and I felt a need to serve beauty by helping other women, trust their own instinct and embrace their femininity through a style, that makes them feel free and true to themselves, be it elegant and romantic, a casual street chic, or even a cocktail attire.

Pushed unexpectedly to make a life changing decision, I saw an opportunity, where most people lose their way. The moment I realized that I needed to leave behind the vision of a “solid and secure” job, I found myself challenged to peel away society’s expectations and reach deep down, to reconnect with my creativity.

I felt confident in my mission and luckily, I found my silver lining, through the creation of my brand - SOPHY G.

Sophy, from the name of my precious doll, and G from the initial of my last name (Gorbatyuk).

I choose fashion as my medium, because it is the perfect way to implement my knowledge and skills, nurtured by my lifetime passion for style.

I infuse into my creations, the hopes and dreams of my inner child, balanced by my inclination for art and history.

The versatility of Sophy G Collections, comes from the soft elegance of an evening gown, the minimalism of the cocktail dress, transforming the vintage style into a post-modernism poetry, while tasting the new aroma of the urban street style. It is a unique approach, a blend of old and new that can only be experienced to the fullest extent, while trying on a dress and letting yourself fall in love with it, over and over again.

This is my way of providing a never compromising quality and a heartfelt haute-couture experience, that every woman should feel at least once in their life.

To wear a Sophy G design dress, I believe it is a statement of confidence and courage to be true to yourself; an inspiring, mindful presence, that shines bright into the hearts that need a spark of innocence, of sensibility and elegance.

It’s only magic!

With great love,


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